Business Interests


It was that unique experience of returning to college when "middle aged" which gave me the opportunity to meet two outstanding gentlemen , Donald Highgate and John Wreford. Since then they have been good friends and wonderful business partners.  Donald's knowledge of technology particularly in the areas of special classes of polymers, and John's personality and understanding of finance allowed us to set up two businesses.

Dental Sector Endodontics

The first exploited some properties of cross linked hydrophilic co-polymers to develop a new dental root filling.  This is now on the market, used in many peoples teeth and full details can be seen on the Smart Seal web site in the UK, or the Endotechnology site in the USA.

Future Energy and the Hydrogen Economy

Innovative ideas from Donald allowed us to develop a further range of cross linked hydrophilic co-polymers into which could be polymerised ionic monomers.This unique step allowed polymers to be created with unique electrical properties. Such materials with high electrical conductivity and low cost are ideally suited to the core technology required for the energy systems of the next century based upon hydrogen as a transportable fuel and using electrolysers for its production and fuel cells for its reconversion.  We therefore set up a business to exploit this technology and full details can be seen on the ITM Power plc web pages.

Both companies are based in Sheffield.