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This site is still under construction so if there are topics which may be of interest please be patient and I hope to get into a little more detail in coming months.

My full name is Jonathan Anthony Lloyd. I'm married with three kids. I'm a mechanical engineer by profession and a tinkerer at heart. Originally a Lancashire lad (from Clitheroe) I went to Imperial college in London, started work in Glasgow for Babcock and Wilcox, thence to Leeds and about 30 years ago moved to Peterborough. Redundancy from a local firm Perkins Engines (after several years of asking) allowed me to fulfill an ambition to return to college and do an M.Sc. and PhD in Energy Engineering. Being the oldest student in the class was a little off-putting at first, but I soon got scruffier and began to feel fitted in!  Here I was to learn what polymers can do.

Now I am retired -- an OAP -- and I hope to be able to make some progress.

For many years I was fascinated by the potential for innovation in polymer chemistry.  If you view the Business section you will see that two intensive research programs around the vinylpyrrolidone molecule led to two innovative polymers able to start two businesses.  I still work extensively with that molecule so if you have a particular polymer interest drop me an email.

I am an engineer by education , inclination and training so much of the site concerns the areas that have been of special interest to me. I have organized the site into 5 main regions.

My immediate concern is how to deal with the blood cancer myeloma which is affecting my wife.  The search for a cure is all consuming and the best reference site for such a quest is The Myeloma Crowd run by Jennifer Ahlstrom.  Another site which must be mentioned is Margaret's Corner which has been an invaluable source of research and pertinent papers about myeloma treatments and associated matters.  Both ladies have provided me with so much over the last years that "Thank you" feels inadequate.

The Myeloma Crowd are a group of myeloma patients intent upon finding a cure. Organized with energy and enthusiasm by Jennifer Ahlstrom they keep at the forefront of the technology involved in the disease and have decided that the status quo is inadequate.  They are launching a project called  "Can't wait for a cure"  which I think is the first time that a patient group has decided to find and fund a cure for this disease.  I intend to help them any way I can.

I have recently needed to move my domain , with email service and web hosting.  I experienced some of the best customer service I have seen in the IT sector with SGT .

Molecular Dynamics

Trying to use computational chemistry to find solutions to medical complaints.


Delivering selected drugs to their targets.


Businesses set up to exploit hydrophilic co-polymer chemistry.


Great interest in heat transfer and most especially fluidised beds of particles.


Interests and general matters